Things of the Week – Yellowstone Edition

Last week I decided to start a series of weekly posts capturing various inspirations and observations from my daily life. As I continue to recover from a TBI, I’m finding this to be a helpful practice for my memory and attention. The poet and yogi in me is also appreciating the increased awareness.

This week’s Things are taken from my trip to Yellowstone National Park. I’ll be posting pics from the trip to Instagram for the rest of the week. I included a few bonus Things at the end, too. Enjoy!


Shirtless Tourists: all twenty-something-year-old men

Safari Hats: all affluent-looking middle-aged men

Superhero T-Shirts: Batman, The Flash, Captain America, Superman, and Star Wars (twice)

Awkward Find In the “Everything Store” (though possibly a very good book):


Selfie Sticks: more than I expected

Offensive Tourist Behavior: less than I expected

Inappropriate Footwear: presumably on those who don’t frequent nature

Zealously Appropriate Footwear (and Clothing, and Accessories): presumably on those who don’t frequent nature but did their research

Jogger/Stroller: on a hike down to the Brink of the Lower Falls. That mom was hardcore

Abandoned Hats: usually around geysers, carried there by unfortunate gusts of wind


YouTube: Watching This On Repeat 

Researching: Airbnb, humane correction techniques for unfavorable behavior in domestic parrots

Getting Lost In Sentences:

“Dad’s voice was a midnight school, teaching deep fathom hours, and the subject was life.” -from Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

“On the day before Josef caused a disturbance at the breakfast table, after months of nauseous breathing drills that made his head tingle and of practice that left the joints of his fingers aching, he had walked into Kornblum’s room and held out his wrists, as usual, to be cuffed and bound.” from The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon

A Little Freaked Out: “The Growing Risk of War in Space” by Geoff Manaugh (The Atlantic, June 21, 2016) (I must be in the “over-caffeinated and paranoid” crowd.)

Neurologist: “Keep writing. It’s good for maintaining creative synapses and neural pathways.”

Shout Out: Week of June 27 on Bright Languid Segments Green