Things of the Week 7/13/16

Word Count: 723 in one sitting. A new high score since the brain injury.

Walking: “Walking While Black: Garnette Cadogan on the Realities of Being Black in America” by Garnette Cadogan, July 8, 2016 on Literary Hub. 

Gardening: We were a little late to start the garden this year, but better late than never. Purchasing plants in July leaves few varieties to choose from but we were able to pick up some tomatoes, bell peppers, El Jefe peppers, basil, lemon verbena, blackberries, and zucchini.


Current Obsessions: coconut anything, eating two flavors of ice cream at once,,

Poetry: Snare drums sound like school’s start

Slang: While doing research for my second novel I discovered the following:

Tattoo slang, like most other kinds of slang, also varies greatly based on region. In a TIME interview of Portland tattoo artist Jeff Johnson, Johnson states that many individual tattoo shops and artists have their own slang terms that wouldn’t be understood outside their particular shops.

Joy: Creating slang for a tattoo shop has become my new writing exercise.

Catching Up On: Castle

First Time: Making an herb wreath. I felt very Martha-Stewarty while completing the task. Next time though I’ll take an anti-histamine before I begin.


Fun Brain Injury Side Effect: transposing words that sound the same and are also frequently used in my vocabulary. EXAMPLE: Yoga, stop eating that. TRANSLATION: Nova (the dog), stop eating that. Repetition for the sake of correction only leads to reuse of the incorrect word. EXAMPLE: Yoga, Yoga, Yoga! Leave it.


Things of the Week – 7/6/16

Happy Wednesday after the Fourth! Tis the season for BBQs and outdoor sports (sports…well, um, maybe next week). Enjoy!

Neighbors: these guys have been squatting on our block for the past few weeks. Every day when I walk Page it’s like the ducks are playing chicken with him. (avian pun intended)

For Your Brain (and mine too): “What You Read Matters More Than You Think” by Susan Reynolds, June 30, 2016 on Quartz

For the Conspiracy Theorist In Me (and you): “The Fugitive, His Dead Wife, and the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory That Explains Everything” by Evan Hughes, June 28, 2016 on GQ 

Current Obsessions: my new FitBit, artisan cheese, things that are teal.


Downloaded App: Calm: Meditate & relax with guided mindfulness meditation for stress reduction. I especially like the Open-Ended Meditation with the option to play bells at various intervals to remind you to stay present.

Catching Up On: Carpool Karaoke clips. I swear I’m always the last one to the party.

Glossary: The Husband and I have started a TBI glossary to keep track of the short-hand we use to refer to my various symptoms.

Squeeze: the headache that doesn’t feel like a headache but is more like someone has tied a belt around my noggin and is slowly tightening it

Zombie: when more than one crucial faculty goes offline, usually a combination of one leg and my ability to speak so as to create a brain-eating-monster effect

Mirakuruwhen my visual field is distorted in way that makes me question reality and often brings on superhuman like aggression (see also Jekylling)

Blender: loss of ability to sort through any thoughts, yet they are all circling at once, vigorously

Jekylling: an inability to control my emotions, often presenting as unexpected and brief outbursts that leave me perplexed afterwards

Rockstar: needing to wear sunglasses indoors due to a sensitivity to light

On the List: used as a response by The Husband to me when I ask about a new and unusual symptom.

*Note: there are more I just can’t remember them. 🤕😜