April Events with me!

I’m giving several readings and talks this month–details below. If you’re local I’d love to see you!  April 8th 6:00 – 8:00pm – URBAN ARTS PLATFORM, Parking Garage Roof at The Northern Join us on Saturday, April 8th for a night of international and local talent featuring a stunning view of downtown billings atop the Northern … Continue reading April Events with me!

Things of the Week 10/12/16

Tweeting the Season:  Listening to Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring. Outside leaves fall from trees like rain. Maybe this song was meant for #autumn. — Ashley K. Warren (@ajoybliss) October 12, 2016 Poet-ing: I competed in my first Slam Poetry Competition. An absolutely fabulous night. I think I’m more of a poet-for-the-page, but the experience was well … Continue reading Things of the Week 10/12/16