Conversations with Besties

“On the Phone…again” by thewoodenshoes via Flickr

Most writing teachers will tell you that you can include a phone conversation in your story as long as the dialogue is interesting and broken up with setting and characterization and all that good stuff. My conundrum; the characters in my novel talk on the phone–a lot.

In all honesty, I like talking on the phone. I appreciate a convenient text here and there, but I get frustrated with my awkward fingers (of COURSE I meant “flicking”). The calls I enjoy most, look forward to, will reschedule my life for, will barricade myself in a sound proof room to prevent any distraction for, are the ones with my Bestie Triumvirate.

The Bestie Triumvirate inspire me. Each of them represent the one relationship I covet most: the experience of having a sister.

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