Things of the Week

I listened to a podcast yesterday from Note to Self called “What Happens When We Skimm the News.”  The episode is part of their Infomagical Project which addresses information overload. In the first half of the episode host Manoush Zomorodi talked to the creators (Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg) of The Skimm, a news-focused email newsletter. In the second half of … Continue reading Things of the Week

Cinderella Collection by Sephora: Playing Dress Up as an Adult

image courtesy of Sephora

Once upon a time, I was a little girl and I loved Disney. My toy-box wasn’t filled with blonde, blue-eyed Barbies, it was a museum of Disney cartoons in Mattel® form: Ariel, Jasmine, Belle.

I watched the movies, read the storybooks, wore the t-shirts, had the matching curtains and comforter for my bedroom (it was 1989, they were Little Mermaid). I lived in a replicated fantasy that Disney had created for me.

Then I grew up. I realized Ariel was swimming around in a seashell bra and had an alarmingly tiny waist. I watched as the Disney Princesses needed a Prince to come to their rescue. I saw the branding and merchandising take over with “princess culture” and felt puzzled, maybe even duped. Did Disney care about creating fantasies for me or did they just want me to buy the matching toothbrush to go along with my pajamas?

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Hey “Girl:” Life of a Temp

These past few months while finishing my masters thesis, I’ve been working for a temp agency to earn a little extra cash. With flexible hours, and the chance to get to know  the town I’ve just recently moved to a little better, the experience has, for the most part, been worthwhile.  Being that I’d never worked for a temp agency, there are a few things I’ve discovered worth noting:

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1) The vernacular of working for a temp agency.Despite that fact that it is not listed on Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, in this industry, “temping” is a verb. What surprised me was how often I was referred to as “girl” (or “girls” if I was in a group.) This applied to all the female temps, and it did not matter the age of the employees (I had co-workers who were in their 70’s.)Hopefully, this stemmed from the term Kelly Girl® coined by William Russell Kelly, founder of Kelly Services, who started a temp agency by loaning his employees to other businesses, and not from straight misogyny.

Even my boyfriend, who worked for the company as a gravedigger, was a Kelly Girl®. Continue reading “Hey “Girl:” Life of a Temp”

The Art of the Product Review

thumbs up, gnome
photo by nocklebeast

My cellphone contract will expire soon and as everyone knows, this means I get to upgrade my phone. While perusing my network’s online store, I discovered some of the best reading material the internet has to offer:

The product review tab.

I marveled at the passion that went into these reviews–emoticons, superfluous punctuation, ALL CAPS. Without any obvious external motivation or reward to review a product, the endeavors of these zealously happy or disappointed reviewers are admirable. Most people you have to pay to fill out a survey–these people do it for free! Some of these product reviewers deserve at least a certificate of completion from the hosting website, something comparable to what you might receive for completing a course in photography at your local adult education center. Continue reading “The Art of the Product Review”

Front Page: Introducing, My Dog

After the run today, Adventure Junkie and I witnessed something unusual. Cruising behind an 80’s Oldmoldsbile Cutlass, we watched two chihuahuas yap out the passenger window. Then, one of them jumped out! The little dog had seen a big dog behind a fence and propelled himself out the window in order to yap from a shorter distance. Suddenly, I was glad that my dog can’t fit through our car window.

Meet Page, the greyhound.

greyhound, faun, dog, pet,

Page weighs 82 pounds, measures 64 inches from the tip of the nose to the tip of his tail, and at almost 3 feet tall can easily lay his head on our dining room table. Often, he’s mistaken for a great dane and children have been known to call him “Marmaduke.” Continue reading “Front Page: Introducing, My Dog”