Things of the Week 1/25/17

With the holidays and the start of a new semester, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus. Returning to a routine has provided an opportunity to start Things up again.

So, About That New Year’s Resolution: One of my fave podcasts just did an episode examining one explanation for why some people can follow (or set) New Year’s resolutions and other cannot (or do not). The episode features Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness Project, and her theory of habit natures. Also, there’s a quiz (I freaking love quizzes). I got “Questioner.” My husband got “Rebel.”

The Four Tendencies: How to Feed Good Habits

Reading: The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate by Peter Wohlleben–I asked for this book for Christmas because I was so fascinated by the Radiolab podcast I heard last summer, “From Tree to Shining Tree.” Wohlleben’s writing style is personal yet informative, and the book is also fascinating.

Catching Up On: Finally watched Stranger Things over the holidays and the show definitely lives up to the hype. Now catching up on Season 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Sometimes that show makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe.

DIY: We decided that the only way we could afford to update our kitchen (circa 1953) was if we did it ourselves. This weekend we began phase 1 (countertops and sink) of our remodeling project. Phase 2: refinishing cabinets. Phase 3: new floors. Bonus phase: tile backsplash.

Law of averages: I have four students with the same name in my Composition class this semester.

Fun Brain Injury Side Effect: Often, when I write the capital letter “A” a capital “M” comes out. It’s especially surprising to me to hear myself say “A” in my brain but see an “M” on the page.


Poems Up On Easy Street Today

A post for humble bragging, remedied by a shout out–I have four poems up on Easy Street: a magazine of books and culture today! Check it out:

Four Poems by Ashley Warren

I discovered Easy Street through writing acquaintance Camille Griep (editor), whom I met when she did a poetry reading here in Billings. I loved her use of the second person in her poetry then realized she was into fairytale retellings and I basically became a fangirl.

Easy Street is a division of the Lascaux Review, two excellent publications. If you’re looking for new places to submit, add them to your favorites on Duotrope. Here’s a bit from the Easy Street website about what they’re looking for:

Easy Street publishes flash, fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, reviews, interviews, editorial columns, news, and opinion pieces (Perspectives) on relevant topics. When in doubt, pass it along. Anything that, after we see it we decide we liked it after all, even if we didn’t think we’d like it before we saw it, is welcome.

Also, Easy Street is relatively new and has opportunities for anyone looking to join an online literary review.