Who Needs Macy’s?

One of the many joys of moving back to Montana is the opportunity to observe the quaint traditions of the community where I live, namely, the Annual Holiday Parade. Granted, there were no balloons or Businessmen of Whimsy, but as you will see, a Western Holiday Parade is fraught with entertainment value.

Top 6 Things You’ll See in a Western Parade

1) A float in a Western Parade isn’t complete without a pair of antlers.

2) At least one or more floats must celebrate cultural diversity.  Exhibit A) Norway. Exhibit B) Well….

3) And of course, a float can celebrate local culture too (those are fish).

4) Floats that celebrate transportation or industry are also big crowd pleasers (city buses included).

5) Embarrassing your pet is smiled upon.

6) Finally, a float can capitalize on the lastest craze, even if the craze isn’t new anymore. In this instance: Gangnam Style. The parade-watchers were encouraged to demonstrate their best lasso-giddyup-and-wiggle, (note the disco ball) which of course was easy for them.  They are Montanans after all.

Looking forward to seeing what makes it into the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


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