Front Page: Introducing, My Dog

After the run today, Adventure Junkie and I witnessed something unusual. Cruising behind an 80’s Oldmoldsbile Cutlass, we watched two chihuahuas yap out the passenger window. Then, one of them jumped out! The little dog had seen a big dog behind a fence and propelled himself out the window in order to yap from a shorter distance. Suddenly, I was glad that my dog can’t fit through our car window.

Meet Page, the greyhound.

greyhound, faun, dog, pet,

Page weighs 82 pounds, measures 64 inches from the tip of the nose to the tip of his tail, and at almost 3 feet tall can easily lay his head on our dining room table. Often, he’s mistaken for a great dane and children have been known to call him “Marmaduke.”

Page had a successful two year career on the race track as “BB’s Front Page” before we adopted him. Factoid: April is National Greyhound Adoption Month. If you’ve ever considered adopting a greyhound check out this link for facts and myths about the breed. For information about adopting in your area, check out the Greyhound Project Inc.

Frankly, I think my dog is wonderful and you can expect to see posts about him from time to time. If he was human, I’d try to set him up with my single girlfriends. This would be his (hypothetical) dating profile:

Name: Page (aka BB’s Front Page)

Sign: Aquarius

Likes: Long walks, stuffed animals, dinner

Friends say he’s: Affectionate, sensitive, quiet

Looking for: Someone to lean on

He wouldn’t want you to know: He sleeps ALL THE TIME

dog, greyhound, sleeping,


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